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In, we share knowledge and knowledge sharing takes in just one place. You visit Purchase ebooks of your interest. Go through it. Get all the information you want. Wow..that sounds great.. is it not?

What are edubooklets?

Edubooklets are concise informative ebooks. You get all the information about a particular subject you would like to know in one ebook in a concise format.

In what way edubooklets are different?

You may ask what is new in it? You may say in this modern era, all information is available on the internet. Yes, you are right. But the difference in edubooklets is in the quality of information, the completeness and the authenticity. For example, if you would like to know about acid reflux, you may have to browse multiple websites to know about the symptoms, tests to be done, treatment, medicines to be taken to treat it, the complications, the side effects of medicines, the outcome of the disease, the experts who can treat acid reflux and the various online forums where affected individuals share their experience. provides you an ebook on acid reflux with all the above information in one place in a concise format.

And unlike the information in the websites which are written by ghostwriters and freelancers with unknown credentials making the information unreliable, the ebooks on are written by top experts in their respective fields and hence contain very authentic information.