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About Us is a proud product of a team of Chennai based Professionals with an enviable record of being involved in freelance writing for more than 10 years for international clients. The team consists top experts from diverse fields. has more than 100 categories and sub-categories of ebooklets. The ebooklets are written by top experts in that field in simple easy understandable language.

Any particular title you choose, the edubooklet as we call it contains A-Z of information. The edubooklet also provides a resource guide. For example, if you would like to heartburn, the edubooklet on heartburn gives detail about the disease, the tests one, the treatment, information on websites related to heartbrun and a directory of doctors in your area whom you can consult for consultation and treatment.

The most important thing is that provide this useful edubooklets for a low price of just $ 10 3 per copy ( on select ebooklets). Grab your edubooklet now!