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In, we share knowledge and knowledge sharing takes in just one place. You visit Purchase ebook of your interest. Go through it. Get all the information you want. Meet the top expert. Discuss with him and get your issue solved. Wow..that sounds great.. isn’t it? offers you ebooks from more than 100 categories and sub-categories. Ebooks from diverse categories like medicine, arts, architecture, law, computers, engineering, management, programming, science, sports and web designing are available in

There are more than 1000 ebooks under these diverse categories. Each title is linked to either your health, hobby, profession, lifestyle, education, family or entertainment. It could be a health condition like obesity or arts like playing piano or legal issue like bankruptcy or a post like soccer or a profession like web designing.

What are edubooklets?

Edubooklets are concise and informative ebooks. You get all the information about a particulat subject you would like to know. You may ask what is new in it? You may say in this modern era, all information are available on internet. Yes, you are right. But the difference in edubooklets is in the quality of information, the completeness and the authenticity. For example, if you would like to know about heartburn, you may have to browse multiple websites to know about the symptoms, tests to be done, treatment, medicines used to treat it, the complications, the side effects of medicines, the outcome of the disesase, the experts who can treat heartburn and the various online forums where affected individuals share their experience. provide you ebook on heartburn with all the above information in one place.

In what way edubooklets are different?

And unlike the information in the websites which are written by ghostwriters and freelancers with unknown credentials making the information unreliable, the ebooks on are written by top experts in their respective fields and hence contain very authentic information.

The most important feature of is you can contact the expert online for consultation. Just imagine this scenario – you are having heartburn for the past 6 months and not getting relief. You are scared of its longterm effects. You want to know more about heartburn. You hear about You visit this site. Purchase the book on heartburn. You read it. You get all the information about it. Now you want to get treated. The ebook provides you detail about the experts in your area. You call him and fix an appointment. You visit his office and get treated. Alternatively you need some information about your health condition. You can visit our online consultation site. You post your question. Our team of experts go through your question and provide you their opinion. You can do the same with experts from other categories like arts, architecture, law, sports, web designing etc.

The also has a blog section with regular posts on various ebooks, the new releases, the offers/ discounts, blogs on various issues and your interaction. It also has a business directory where you can place your ad and can also search for a professional.

Edubooklets as we call it is available for as low a price of $10 per ebook copy.